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Speaker - Music - Tanward Ltd


We partner with artists, songwriters, talent management companies, labels, publishers and more to provide expert legal advice in all aspects of the music business. Applying practical commercial experience honed in-house and in private practice, we offer a full-service resource. Whether you are a new artist just getting started, a songwriter looking for advice on a publishing deal or simply looking for business affairs support, we can assist.



Employment Law is part of our core DNA. We represent organisations and individuals across industries with a specific focus on media, technology and entertainment. By acting for both employers (from small start-ups through to established global businesses) and senior executives in these sectors, we are able to bring a rounded and holistic approach to the support and guidance provided. We apply a comprehensive approach to ensure our clients have the best practical and commercial results. Our focus is your long term success.

Information on our pricing for employment tribunal litigation can be found here.

Making Notes - Employment - Tanward Ltd
Staircase - Film TV and Theatre - Tanward Ltd


We believe that to be commercially successful in creative arts, you need to be credible. Establishing credibility can be tricky. When starting out you may not have much in the way of a track record to demonstrate that you can deliver your idea or production. More often than not understanding the commercial landscape, how you will be financed, what rights you need to clear, these are all matters a co-production partner, commissioner or finance partner will want to see.  As your advisor, we will guide you through the often complex commercial and legal issues that you may face, and we will do so clearly and in a manner that you will understand.  Whether you are writing a script, producing your first film or pitching a new format, we can provide sensible and practical legal advice, affording you the space both creatively and practically, to get your production off the ground.

Film TV and Theatre


As a team, we have grown up in a business which has been turned upside down by technology.  Everywhere you turn to, be it production, distribution or consumption has been remodelled by technology. Our experience in this sector and the advice we provide has come from personal experience including working in tech startups and being pitched to as part of business development teams. Our expertise sits mainly at the intersection of media and entertainment. We provide commercial advice and guidance to assist streaming platforms, mobile app developers, game developers, web app developers, tech innovators, entrepreneurs and more in achieving their commercial goals.

Coding Station - Digital Media and Technology - Tanward Ltd
Digial Media and Technology
Turn Ideas Into Reality - Corporate - Tanward Ltd


Whether you are setting up a new business, acquiring an existing business, admitting a new shareholder, seeking Angel investment or undertaking a seed round, we can assist and advise you.  We can also advise on structuring and financing IP acquisitions, specifically in the music business. We can connect buyers with sources of funding through a network of capital advisory relationships we have developed.



We provide a full range of data protection services from audit and compliance, to data breaches, subject access requests, and international transfers of data. 

Private sign - Data Protection and Privacy - Tanward Ltd
Data Protection and Privacy
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